Joshua and Allison

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How We Met

Joshua and I first met at Fresno Pacific University in 2012. I had a crush on this cute baseball player from day one, but he definitely made our journey an interesting one! Flash forward to Fall 2013, Josh finally admitted that he liked me and we fell in love almost immediately! Here we are four and a half years later and I am more in love than ever.

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how they asked

Joshua and I have been dating for over four years, he asked me to be his girlfriend when I was 18 years old, and we have never looked back since. He is my college sweetheart, and my forever love. Over the last four years we have gone to Vegas together SEVEN times, and every single time I drag him to the Bellagio fountains to watch the magical water show and take our annual picture. This time, Josh had something incredible up his sleeve. He told me that he won a raffle and we were selected to have our picture taken in front of the Bellagio fountains. I anxiously got ready for our picture (Josh even helped me iron my dress) and we began our long (okay not that long) walk to the Bellagio Resort. On the way, my heel literally broke off of my shoe and I hobbled up the stairs to arrive at our destination.

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Josh was so stressed because he thought our “picture” was ruined! I was just concerned about what kind of shoes he was going to buy me to make up for it. By the time I waddled to the Bellagio I was so distracted to even realize what was happening. We arrived at the terrace overlooking the fountains and I saw rose petals and champagne waiting for us. Before I knew it, the photographer was snapping away taking pictures of us. I felt Josh’s heartbeat, it was racing like I had never felt before. As we watched the fountains I heard Josh behind me call my name, I turned around and he was on one knee!! He asked me to marry him and the rest is history.

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I am the luckiest girl alive to have a man who would hire a photographer, lie about winning a raffle, and reserve a private terrace at the Bellagio Resort over looking the fountains all to ask me to be his wife. I cannot wait to spend forever with Joshua Medeles! ?

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