Josh and Yvette

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How we met: Josh and I have known each other for 10 years now. We met back in 2005 on our first day of college. At the time we were both in different relationships; we would occasionally talk here and there. Our paths kept crossing as we would have the same classes together. That’s when we established a friendship; we didn’t see each other more than friends. About two years passed by that this point both our lives had changed, we were no longer in relationship. We started to text each other more often. Texting became calling each other occasionally talking became full conversation. We would find ways to see each other outside of school. Whether we would visit each other at work or grab a bite to eat. Then little by little and as time went by we realized that we did like each other more than friends. Our friendship turned into a love story, into two people in love with each other.

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how they asked: A couple of months back I had told Josh that it would be a great idea if we would do a photo shoot together, never thinking that he would go for it but he did! I thought it would be a good idea since we had been together for so long and we really did not have any pictures together. Life got kind of busy and I had forgotten about the idea, into Josh mentioned it. He had already spoken to Sonia regarding our photo shoot and we were set to go. We picked a date and location. He had me plan out our outfits for the day. The day of the shoot arrived, his sister joined us which I thought she coming for the adventure but little did I know she was going for a different reason. We met up with Sonia at our first location in Travel Town at Griffith Park, that’s where our photo session would begin. Everything was going good just like a normal photo shoot. We finished our first location and we started to drive to our second location. Which originally was suppose to the observatory in Griffith Park but we had to change the location last minute to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. We arrived just in time for a beautiful sunset. Sonia was taking pictures of me at the time. They had me stand in the middle while Josh was standing behind me. This whole time I was just thinking they were setting us up for a pose. I had seen his sister take pictures and video but never did suspect what was about to happen. In my mind I was not sure what was going on and that’s when Sonia asked me to turn around. As I turned I saw Josh bend down on one knee, looking at me, while holding the iPad that read “Will you marry me?”

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Image 5 of Josh and YvetteAs I read that I looked at him and the first words that came out of me were “Are you serious?” He smiled at me and he said “Yes, I am serious” I instantly said “YES” He got up and hugged me, as tears started to fill my eyes. I remember thinking that I could not believe that this moment had just happened and he had just asked me to be his wife. I was over filled with happiness!

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Photography by Enchanted Bliss Wedding & Event Photography