Josh and Taylor

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How We Met

I (Taylor) moved to Texas from Minnesota in August of 2015 for a youth director job at a church in DFW. Josh’s sister Erin (who is my age) was sharing our office space a few times a week, so she and I got to be really good friends within the first month or so that I got down there. Good enough friends that I was invited to her December wedding! Josh’s family are members of the church that I work at, so I got to meet all of them before actually meeting Josh.

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He was finishing up his final semester at OSU (go pokes!) and didn’t come back to DFW until a few days before Erin’s wedding. As soon as I started working, people in church came up to me and said that I needed to meet Josh. For some reason, everyone thought that he and I would get along really well. Even though he is 3 years younger than me, Erin thought that we would make a great couple. Mutual friends were even joking that we should sing each other our vows, and we hadn’t even met yet! Side note: I like to sing and I’m decent, Josh is an *incredible* singer and actually sang at Erin and Mark’s wedding.

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We finally crossed paths on December 12, 2015 at the wedding reception. I obviously noticed Josh during the ceremony because he was so dreamy and sounded like an angel, but didn’t get a chance to talk to him at all. At some point, I dragged Erin off of the dance floor so that she could finally introduce us. We walked up to the table he was sitting at, I stuck out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Taylor. I’ve been told for months that I needed to meet you. Come get a drink with me.” And the rest is history! (The dance floor picture is actually our very first photo “together”)

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how they asked

A few months ago, my parents decided that they would come down to Texas to celebrate Easter with us. With that in mind, I suggested that we all (Josh and I, his parents, Erin and Mark, my parents) spend Saturday afternoon in Fort Worth and explore some places that we haven’t gotten a chance to see yet. We started out at the Water Gardens and when we were done, Josh suggested that we hit the Botanic Gardens. I was starving, so I made us eat lunch at Joe T’s instead. After lunch, Josh again suggested the gardens. I insisted on wandering around the stockyards so that my parents could see it again. He’s such a saint for putting up with all of my delays! Finally, after we had seen the cattle drive, I agreed that we should go to the Botanic Gardens.

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Earlier in the week, Josh and I had set a $5 limit on Easter basket gifts for each other, and he said he was going to give me mine in stages. On Friday, he gave me beef jerky, a cheese stick, and some mints (he’s so thoughtful). When we got to the gardens, he gave me the second installation of my present. I opened the basket and it was a package of Ring Pops! I was very excited about that because they’re one of my favorite candies and not at all suspicious because of the previous day’s gifts. All I remember next is Josh saying something about that not being my real gift and getting down on one knee! He pulls a box out of his pocket (that I hadn’t noticed at all) and asks the easiest question I’ve ever gotten to answer. His brother-in-law, Mark, was filming the whole thing and our parents got so many amazing pictures. Everyone around us started clapping as soon as they realized what was happening. It was the most perfect day.

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