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how we met – by rebecca

Rebecca and I have a crazy web of mutual acquaintances. Without knowing Rebecca even existed, I knew some of her closest family member’s years before. Her brother-in-law, Josh (funny how that works out), is my best friends brother. My friend, Patrick, asked me if I would like to go to this wedding on a Saturday evening with him, his wife, Josh, and his wife. I accepted thinking, “Hey, I am single. This should be awesome. Right?” The wedding went by and everyone decided to go out for a few drinks. We wanted to see if we could impress anyone with our fancy attire. Patrick and I were at the bar when Rebecca walked in to meet her sister, Kristen. Patrick enlightened me on who she was so, I went up to meet her. We had a small conversation that only lasted about five minutes and then she went on her way. As the night went on, I was just hanging out with my friends but I kept pondering “did I make a fool of myself talking to that girl?” Who knows what I really said to her. The night was coming to a close and Rebecca showed back up to ride with her sister home. I knew then I should try to get to know her more but I never got that chance. That night, when I got home, I pulled the 21st century stalker move of finding her on Facebook. I asked her to be my “friend”. I thought no way was this girl going to accept that night but within ten minutes we were messaging each other at 3 a.m. I am pretty sure we talked until 6 the next morning. I knew I had to ask this girl out because she was so down to earth, quirky, and from as far as you can tell by Facebook messaging someone she had a lot of the same interests.

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how we met – by joshua

Before even meeting Josh, my sister (Kristen), would tell me stories that included a guy named Bowman. One night when I was going downtown Athens, Georgia with some of my friends, my sister told me they would also be downtown that night and I needed to text her so we could all meet up. Later that night, I found out where she was and ended up meeting them at a bar called Buddha. I went around to the group of people she was with and saw familiar faces, except for one—Josh. I was introduced to him and we talked amidst the loud music and crowd and conversation was easy. I later ended up having to leave that bar and go meet up with my friends and I went back to my group of friends talking about how cute this guy was that I just met. I found myself ending the night with Kristen and her group, knowing I just had to talk to ‘Bowman’ more. He was definitely dressed to impress, and when I walked back into that bar- he rubbed my arm and asked if he could buy me a drink and I remember getting little butterflies over him. My sister kept looking over at us talking and would smile and I knew she was secretly playing matchmaker. Even with the college crowd and music, I felt as if it was only him and I in the bar because he only showed interest in me asking me questions about my life, college, family, etc. The night ended and we went our separate ways. Later that night, I ended up getting a friend request on Facebook from Josh. I tried to play it cool but I just had to message him that night. Who would have thought that in that bar, in a small college town, I would meet my forever best friend.

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how they asked – by rebecca

Josh and I love to spend time adventuring different towns and trying going to different breweries. In Athens, Georgia—there is brewery called Southern Brewing Company that we love to go to. Josh had told me before that his cousin Jeffery and his girlfriend wanted to go to Southern, on Friday July 8th. Of course I agreed. When that date got closer, Josh told me to invite my parents and he would ask his parents to go. Still, that did not seem unusual to me, because we have done that multiple times before. I got to Josh’s house Friday once he had got off work, and we left to go pick up his friend Andy so we could all enjoy a night at the brewery. I could tell during that car ride that Josh was acting differently. He kept texting when he was driving and that is something he NEVER does. (Side note: typically when you go to a brewery in Athens, you pay and receive a wristband, stamp, and a brewery glass that you get to keep and you use the wristband so they can punch a hole every time you order a new beer and you get six of them.)

Not being new to the brewery scene, Josh knew this and knew he wanted to propose here because it was so ‘us.’ He ordered a “Will you marry me?” glass from a website and emailed the owners of the brewery, which led to Josh meeting with them to discuss how to execute his plan the best way possible. Part of the plan was to give me a different wristband than everyone so all of the bartenders and workers would know to look for that specific colored wristband. I went straight to the bar, told the bartender what I wanted and showed her my wristband and that was when the plan was in full effect. He grabbed my brewery glass and started to walk to pour my beer and “accidentally” dropped my glass. He apologized and told me he would replace it. Well, replacing it meant to replace it with the “Will you marry me?” glass. He poured the beer and handed it to me with the blank side showing. I grabbed my beer and proceeded to walk away so Josh, who was standing behind me, could order his. Josh turned around to me and said, “Did you read your glass?” I turned my glass around and read it and immediately started backing up and crying.

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He pulled me closer to the bar where the go-pro was set up and said what the words I have been waiting to hear for three and a half years and asked my forever. Through the tears and shock, I immediately shook my head yes. At that time, Abby (who is conveniently a videographer/photographer) came out from hiding, along with our parents, siblings, and my best friend.

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After celebrating, my mom asked me if I wanted to go eat and continue the celebration. We left and went to Buffaloes where my aunts, uncles and cousins were setting up a surprise engagement party that included the family and friends that could not come to the brewery to celebrate. So far, that was the best day of our lives. We are thankful for those who showered us with love as we started our forever.

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