Josh and Natalie | Snowy Surprise Proposal

proposal photos_Natalieand Josh

Josh and I met the summer of 2010 at Forest Home Christian Camps, we were both working on summer staff and our friendship grew as we worked and played alongside each other. After summer camp ended and “real life” began we continued to spend all our time hanging out, talking and texting all the while denying that anything was going on between us. Our dear friend Meggie (who took the photos of our proposal) was with us alongside our relationship and finally gave Josh the push that he needed to make a move, and I am so glad that she did! He asked me to be his girlfriend after our summer staff Christmas party.

Fast forward three years to our Forest Home Reunion Christmas Party that was being held just down the road from out beloved meeting place. It was decided that we would head up the mountain a little early to explore and help our newly married friends, Andrew and Allegra, take Christmas card photos. Getting up the mountain proved to be a little difficult and frustrating with the freshly fallen snow. We finally made it to our destination and set out to enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland.

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marriage proposal waiting to happen

Andrew and Allegra took some photos, then the girls took photos, then the boys took photos and finally it was our turn. After a few clicks of the camera Josh dropped down on one knee with the biggest smile on his face. He then proposed, speaking from his heart, and presented me with the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen!

It was such a special moment for us to share together. After calling our families we then headed to our Christmas Party where our closest friends were waiting for us-most of whom had no idea what had just happened! It was truly magical and I can’t wait for the next step in our future together! I owe a big thank you to my sweet friend Meggie, for giving Josh the push to pursue me, and for taking the photos of our engagement!


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Photos by Meggie Burr Photography