Natalie and Josh

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Abbey Resort

How We Met

Josh and I met on a dating website. One date and that’s all it took!

How They Asked

Josh asked me on a Thursday night if I wanted to get away for the weekend. I thought it was a bit strange considering the weekend was only a day away. I agreed figuring he had something up his sleeve. We went to the Abbey Resort the very next day. I rushed out of work, bags packed and we were planning for a later dinner. We got ready in the hotel room. I suggested crazy outfit ideas like wearing a huge nose ring or an unmatched pair of tops and bottoms. I was hoping he’d hint at that it’s for a special occasion but nothing seemed to phase him. “Wear whatever you want” he said. It was getting late and after just sitting around in our hotel room having a couple of drinks before we went to dinner, I figured too much time had passed and he was surely not going to propose. While looking for a restaurant in the Abbey Resort we took a detour outside by the harbor and Josh said “Hey lets look at that gazebo!”. We walked into the gazebo overlooking a harbor of Lake Geneva and Josh asked to take a picture. After we were done taking the picture, he made a small speech telling me how much he loved being with me and that he loved me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My eyes welled up with tears so much I couldn’t even see the ring and the first words that came flying out of my mouth were “are you serious!?” I was so surprised I needed a reality check! He responded swiftly “yes!” as he smiled and laughed. I said yes and we took a couple of moments together looking out into the harbor. When we went to dinner I could hardly eat I was so excited. I had so many questions and couldn’t contain my tears. The waiter probably thought I was crazy as I cried throughout dinner. Josh told me how they asked my parents permission and how he meant to wait to purpose until our anniversary. He was too anxious once he got the ring he had to do it as soon as possible.

Special Thanks

Natalie La Brosse
Natalie La Brosse
Natalie La Brosse