Megan and Josh

How We Met

We went to different high schools across town, but had mutual friends. As teenagers, Josh was in a popular band and I had a big ol’ Myspace crush on him. We went to all the same shows through high school, but never formally met in person. When we were 22 and 23, Josh was playing cover gigs with friends at a local dive bar and I was with a group of girlfriends at the bar. I saw him on stage from across the bar (but didn’t recognize him as the same kid I’d known in high school) and told my friends “I’m gonna marry that dude.” As the night progressed, we both had mutual friends who happened to show up and they formally introduced us.

How they asked

Josh and I went on vacation in July of 2017 to Seattle. We’d been once before in 2014 when we embarked on a family reunion cruise to Alaska, but we were only able to spend a night in Seattle, so we’d always said we wanted to go back. There was a beautiful pier right in front of our hotel in 2014 where we spent some time watching the water and Josh had planned for that to be the proposal spot.

The day leading up to the proposal in 2017 was so wonderful – we went hiking, visited the Chihuly Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park, and ate lots of delicious food. At the end of the day, we caught a gorgeous sunset while riding the ferris wheel on the water’s edge, which was nearby our favorite pier from 2014. As we walked back toward our hotel from the ferris wheel, he’d planned to stop at the pier, but unfortunately when we arrived, the pier was closed for construction.

He suggested we go back to the Sculpture Park to catch the views – we sat at the same picnic bench we’d enjoyed earlier in the day and he popped the question there. It was perfect.

Special Thanks

Nikk Nguyen Photo
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Enchanted Rock State Park
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