Josh and Lindsay

Image 1 of Josh and Lindsay

How We Met

Josh & I met in a tiny village in Southwest Alaska. I’m from Georgia and had ended up in Alaska to see if flying was something for me (…it’s not) and Josh was living there with his family. Josh was taking flight lessons and so we would bump into each other, compare what we were learning flying, and tease each other. After a few months, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we dated for over a year in Alaska.

how they asked

Josh had started college in Anchorage and I was still living in the village where we met. He came out for the weekend in November to spend time together before he went down to the lower 48 for Thanksgiving break. We didn’t have much planned but it was so fun having him visit. He asked if he could take me flying (Josh got his pilots license a month after we started dating) and I said of course! We have had so many fun dates and sweet memories flying together. We planned to fly at sunset.

Josh and I climbed into the little 4 seater Cessna 172 and took off to “look for moose” which I still haven’t seen while flying with Josh. After flying around for about 20 minutes and watching the sunset, it was time to get back home. As we were coming into land, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Confused I asked Josh “did you see that?” And he said, “yeah, what was that?”

It didn’t make sense but I thought it was a firework. Surely not. But then… another firework went off, bright and beautiful in the sky and right at eye level with us. Josh, incredulously, started flying towards them and said: “I think something’s going on at the beach down there!” And I said “uhh yeah.. they’re shooting FIREWORKS at us! Don’t fly TOWARDS them!”

He insisted I look further and when I did I saw sparklers below and still confused, I said “Ohh, there are people down there. They wrote something in the sand.. it says ‘Will you marry me?’…”

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I was stunned. Shocked! I had absolutely no idea this was happening. I couldn’t even respond, I was so surprised. I even double checked with Josh and said: “is that for me?” And he smiled mischievously and have a shy “yes” in response. When he landed the airplane is when I finally realized I hadn’t even answered him with a “YES!!!” When I came to my senses and told him “of course!”, he got so excited saying “let me park!! I’ll give you your ring!!”

He parked and all our closest friends gathered and cheered (I was definitely the only one in the whole village who had been out of the loop with Josh’s plan) while he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I had no hesitation saying yes to Josh, the man of my absolute wildest dreams.