Josh and Kirsten

Image 8 of Josh and Kirsten

How We Met

We met back in 2013, but besides freshman English class, we didn’t talk much in High School.

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Fast forward to March 2018 and we were both at a Youth Leader Summit in Yakima. Before one of the services, Josh recognized me (Kirsten) from High School and came up to me and said “Hi”… to which I came on WAY too strong and started freaking out because I was so excited to have learned that he loved Jesus. He replied to all of my energy with an, “Okay cool… see ya later.”

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I spent the rest of the conference staring at him because I thought he was SO HANDSOME. However, I had seen on social media that he was in a relationship so I kept telling myself, “Kirsten… stop… you are not a home wrecker.” But after getting home from the conference I saw on Facebook that he was single… practically an invitation. So I slid into his DM’s and after a couple of weeks of chatting we hung out! We hit it off right away and after a couple of weeks of getting to know each other Josh asked me out on a date! We started dating on April 6th, 2018!

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How They Asked

Josh proposed on July 23rd, 2020. We were on a family vacation to Boise, ID, and had a photoshoot planned with my sister. She is a professional photographer so I thought nothing of it, she told me out favorite foothill/lookout was on her bucket list of photoshoot locations.

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As we drove up the mountain, clouds started to move in and it started to trickle. It was the windiest I have ever experienced in Boise and by the time we got to the top of the mountain it was raining so I was determined to get this over with very quickly. (Also, it should be noted that Josh is terrified of heights so being up there was a huge stretch for him).

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During the shoot she had us turn back to back (which TBH I thought would not be great photo…) and when she told me to turn around, Josh was on his knee! I’m pretty sure I blacked out, and now we are getting married!

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Special Thanks

Erica Lane
 | Photographer