Kayla and Josh

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How We Met

During my freshman year at Troy University, I played clarinet in the Sound of the South marching band. For most of the halftime show, I was set to march next to a guy in my section named Josh. At first, I didn’t see him as anything more than a friend because I was in a long distance relationship with my high school boyfriend. As band camp and daily practices continued, I started to notice the way Josh acted around me- pushing me around the field (playfully of course), flirting, and even hinting that I should sit next to him during campus band rehearsals. I happily obliged. Even though I didn’t realize it while it was happening, I was falling for this guy hook, line, and sinker. In September things went real sour real fast with my high school boyfriend and we broke up. But as I was crying on the field during practice one day, Josh asked me one simple question that, to me, confirmed his feelings for me: “Are you okay?” I know that question could have come from anyone, but being the emotional person I am, having that question come from him meant the world. After my break-up, I swore off looking for “the one” and decided to let him find me. Turns out, he found me the first day of band camp! As Josh and I continued spending more time together, we both realized that we had fallen deeper for each other than we could ever imagine. After a day in Montgomery with him and my family, he had a long chat with my parents and received permission to ask me to be his girlfriend. So, on October 5, 2014, he invited me over to his apartment for a surprise. I just couldn’t contain my excitement! When I got there he met me outside and blindfolded me. We went inside, I took off the blindfold, and there before me was a trail of tea light candles leading to a heart. “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt was playing on his phone, and inside the heart was a handmade poster that read, “Kayla Pickett, will you be my girlfriend?” and some flowers. I tearfully agreed, and that night we shared our first kiss. No guy had ever done anything that special for me before, so it is definitely a memory that I will not soon forget!

how they asked

For Christmas 2015 our family went to Walt Disney World, and my parents agreed to let Josh come along. Everyone was having a great time, and I was so happy to be at my favorite place with my favorite person during my favorite holiday. On December 23 we went to the Animal Kingdom. However, my sister, Josh, and me were all feeling sick, so no one really wanted to do anything. I was pretty upset because 1) I was the cause of the sickness (don’t eat after co-workers, y’all!) and 2) we didn’t get to see any of my favorite shows and everyone was stressed and just wanted to go back to the hotel. So after an emotional afternoon for me, we went back to the hotel and had some down time since we were going to the Magic Kingdom that night to have couples photos taken of me and Josh and of my mom and dad. We changed into our nice picture attire, had a pleasant meal with a view of the castle, and then waited for the area in front of the castle to clear out so we could have our pictures taken. When we got to the line my parents told Josh and I that we could go first. We stood in front of the castle and the photographer told us that we had three poses and could change them up in between shots. So for the first picture, we simply put our arms around each other and smiled. I had no idea what to do for the second picture, but when I turned to Josh to ask him he was on one knee with a ring in hand. Then, he said the 15 words that would change my life forever: “Kayla Pickett, will you make me the happiest lion in the world and marry me?” With tears running down my face, I said yes, the photographer took pictures of the whole thing, and the people around us clapped and cheered. It was truly the most magical night of my life!

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