Josh and Kayla | Scavenger Hunt Proposal

How we met: Josh and I went to the same school, but I didn’t notice him until he showed up to school in onesie PJs. That is went his beach blonde hair and big blue eyes stood out the most. We had mutual friends that we decided to double date with and were attached at the hip ever since.

how they asked: Josh set up a scavenger hunt with special notes in some of our favorite spots. It started at my house, went to our first kiss spot, our soon-to-be-home and some other special places along the way. It ended with a rhino ride up the hill that overlooked our entire little town. You could see the high school where we met, our college, the Temple we were going to be married in and our new home.

When I got to the last clue, Josh wasn’t there like I expected him to be. There was a tiny piece of paper taped to a stake with a long, sweet love note. While I was reading the note, he snuck up behind me, turned off the rhino ride and bent down on his knee. He asked me if I would marry him and of course, I said yes.

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Photos by Kylee Ann Photography