Josh and Jomy

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How We Met

Eleven years ago I met this boy (Josh) at summer camp. What I first thought was puppy love, blossomed into a beautiful friendship, a bond that definitely set this boy apart from the rest. As the years flew by we grew into young adults and our friendship turned into love. January 10th, 2011, Joshua Lorenzo asked me to be his girlfriend. I could get into all the details of how they asked me, but it would take a while to get through the entire story.

how they asked

Fast forward five years and a few bumps on the road to April 30th, 2016. On this beautiful day, my amazing friends planned a birthday adventure, since my birthday was the day before and we were all able to get together and hangout. The list of festivities included: Brunch, manicures, ice cream and lots of photos/fun. After an afternoon full of surprises, we all headed to my friend’s house and began to get ready. I knew they had a surprise for me later in the evening, something along the lines of a birthday dinner. After getting ready we all got in the car and I was blind folded. When we arrived to our destination, I knew we were in Downtown Orlando because I could hear and smell the city, all of which is very familiar to me.

Blind folded and walking through the city we arrived to the place and all I remember was walking up two flights of stairs and hearing a gentleman ask “What’s the password?” and my friends said with excitement “Chicken Nuggets!!!”

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At that point I had an idea of where we were at. We walked up another flight of stairs, the blind fold was removed and everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!!” My family and friends all gathered around as Josh took me to the opposite end of the rooftop bar and began to talk about love-related things. At that point I knew I was going to leave the building as a fiancé.

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I don’t think I could have picked a more perfect engagement. From the way he asked, the people who attended and the location, it was all perfect! I am forever grateful for my family and friends.

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Especially my best friend Stephanie Velez for capturing everything so beautifully and to my friend RJ Roser for getting it all on video.

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Special Thanks

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