Josh and Esther's Light Painting Proposal

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How we met

To be honest, I do not remember when I started falling in love with Esther. We had been in the same school since primary school but it wasn’t until our final year in high school that we got together. I believe what caught my attention for Esther had been her charming, cheerful and open character. She was the type of person that is easy-going and gets along well with people. I too had been one of the people getting mesmerized by her character. We started off as friends but as we spent more time together the more I enjoyed her company. I knew then that she was the one for me and will enjoy spending the rest of my life with her.

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how they asked

Josh planned the proposal perfectly as I was clueless until he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He found Joyce’s light photography class online and asked one of our friends, Sharon, to pretend the class was a gift from her company’s annual dinner event which she then invited us to.

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The class was held at the Peak in Hong Kong and it was beautiful and secluded; we had a lot of fun drawing silly pictures. At the last photo, Sharon wanted to write a message for me (I thought it would be “Happy Birthday” as my birthday is approaching) but it turned out to be “Marry me?”

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Once I saw the photo on Joyce’s camera, Josh proposed. It was extremely surprising and it will be a special moment to us forever!

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Our Video

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Special Thanks

Joyce Yung