Josh and Brooklyn

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How We Met

Josh and I have known each other since senior kindergarten. We grew up in the same hometown and basically lived around the corner from each other. We went all through elementary school and high school together.

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Josh claims that his first memory of me was in kindergarten and I was showing him a dog book that I had while we waited for our bus. I have no recollection of this, but it certainly sounds accurate. In grade six my close friend told me that Josh had a crush on me. I can remember immediately getting butterflies in my stomach. I liked him too, however, I was too scared to admit it.

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This crush began to rekindle in our junior year of high school. We started taking our dogs for walks together and talking to each other more on our bus rides to and from school. At this point whenever I would talk about Josh I would bat my eyelashes and sigh in a mesmerized way. Although I did this as a joke with my friends and family, there was definitely truth behind it because I became completely head over heels for him. That summer was one I will never forget. We spent most of our days together going for bike rides, boating along the river, and going on spontaneous adventures. Once Josh and I started dating we were basically inseparable.

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High school flew by, and we had so many wonderful memories together like prom and graduation. It was especially difficult for us when I moved to another city for university. It was surely an adjustment from seeing each other everyday to seeing each other every few weeks. Thankfully, in my second year of university Josh moved to the same city that I was living in to attend college. We had amazing adventures together as we explored a new city and met so many great people.

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how they asked

In August Josh and I planned to celebrate our six year anniversary. We often take turns planning dates and Josh insisted that it was his turn to plan a surprise anniversary date. The week leading up to our anniversary date I picked up on a few small hints that may have implied that Josh was planning to propose. I talked about these subtle hints with one of my co-workers but she claimed that I may just be overthinking the situation. I agreed with her but could not ignore this gut feeling that Josh was going to pop the big question. The day of our anniversary date I ensured that my hair and nails were done to my highest expectation. The entire morning and afternoon before Josh picked me up I felt sick to my stomach. I was feeling so nervous and tremendously excited for what may happen. Josh came to the door with flowers in hand, as he does for almost all of our dates. We went out for dinner, went to get ice cream, and went for a walk along the riverfront nearby. Josh seemed fairly calm throughout our date which I would not have expected if he was planning to propose. Several thoughts raced through my mind whether he was going to propose or not. However, judging by his calm and collected attitude, I assumed it was not going to happen that evening. Josh drove me home after our walk along the river. He opened my door for me and asked me to close my eyes. This was the moment I knew it was happening – my heart raced.

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Josh told me to open my eyes once we were on the backyard balcony by the water. Lights were set up all around the balcony railing with pictures of us in between each light bulb. The pictures were arranged chronologically to display “the story of us”. The first picture was a photo of us from grade six when we both had crushes on each other. The last photo in the arrangement was one of our most recent photos together. Josh recorded a song on acoustic guitar and had it playing in the background. He asked me to dance with him for a while and then proceeded to tell me about everything he loves about me, he talked about how amazing our years together have been, and then he got down on one knee and asked, “Brooklyn Jane Kennedy, will you marry me?”.

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Saying yes was one of the easiest decisions of my life. I never would have thought that the boy I had a crush on in grade six would one day be my husband. I cannot wait to spend forever with the man of my dreams!

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