Josh and Amanda

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How We Met

Well, Amanda is actually the sister of Randy who is my best friend. Though we never met, I was an avid purveyor of anything Amanda May. Funny story, I actually told Randy “I’m going to marry your sister” lonnnnggg before Amanda ever got the pleasure of laying her beautiful eyes me. We started speaking online and through social media both stating how we didn’t want a relationship but something inside kept pushing us forward. The Bride then unknowingly followed her vortex of creation and flew to Ohio from Florida (where she was living at the time) to “visit her family”. Little did she know, I had an elaborate plan in the works to sweep her off her feet, out of my DM, and into my heart. I then pulled off the most magical first date of her life which included her favorite things that I was always paying attention to. With a multi-location 6 hour first date the trap was set! And Amanda May fell victim to my loving spell!! This then led to meeting the brides whole family, my whole family, attending a wedding together, and a weekend getaway! That was just the first week! The magical journey keeps on down the road of blissful love to the point of where you’re reading this expansively creative story now. – Joshua

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How They Asked

Every detail of the day was magical.

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary with a staycation at the Wynn. My favorite Las Vegas property. We spent an entire day doing everything that makes me happy. I would ask Johsua what he wanted to do and his reply was always the same. “whatever you want” my second favorite three words.

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We spent a quiet dinner in the corner of La Cave wine bar in a private room. From there I was told he had set up private couple massages after hours at the Encore Spa. I thought, wow how in the world did you get a 5-star hotel to do such a thing! What a romantic surprise of luxury, elegance, and class. We confirmed our appointment with the front desk of the spa and waited in the lobby together paying attention to every detail of the location. There is so much to admire surrounding us.

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A gentleman came to tell us that our therapist was ready. He walked us through the spa and passed the first corridor which was a breathtaking scene like from a movie. As we walked to the second corridor I noticed rose petals on the ground.

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My first thought was that he had set up the hallway to have the rose petals lead into our treatment rooms. I turned the corner and the song that started our entire relationship began to play. I looked up and noticed a heart outline made out of rose petals in the middle of the hallway.

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Joshua took me to the center of the hallway and I looked to my left and there was Isaac, my son, on one knee holding the box to pass off to him.

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He said the most heartfelt, loving, and sweet words as he got on one knee to ask me to marry him. I said yes to someone that has grown so much to create alignment in our values, principles, and a life of integrity. – Amanda

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