Josette and Bryce

How We Met

Bryce and I met online 3 years ago.

how they asked

Bryce and I had a trip planned to go see his father in Montana. Bryce had mentioned a few times prior to the trip that we needed to make sure and take Christmas card pictures while we are out there, and I agreed. Although the trip out to Montana wasn’t on the best terms since his father had been placed under Hospice Care.

We arrived in Montana with Bryce and his family, we immediately went to see his father which brought lots of hugs and many tears but we were happy to all be together. A day into our trip, it was perfect weather, sun shining and Bryce suggest we take our Christmas pictures and I oblige. His father was sitting on his porch as we walked into his yard to find the perfect place to take pictures. As we walk to find the perfect tree with leaves changing color, Bryce’s brother, sister-in-law, nephew, niece, and mom all had their camera’s and phones out to help us take the perfect picture. After about a 2 dozen photos Bryce looks me in the eye and asks me “are you ready for your world to be turned upside down?” I thought he was going to dip me and kiss me , but to my surprise he got down on one knee and began his proposal.

Image 1 of Josette and Bryce

I was shocked, and surprised which is an understatement!!! I started to cry and was so exploding with happiness. Of course I said yes, and still haven’t seen the ring that was in the little white box he was holding, after numerous kisses and hugs Bryce opens the box and reveals my ring…….it’s a taco. I break into laughter and tell him to put it on my finger. I begin to get hugs and congratulations from all his family, I show everyone my taco ring, which was perfect. I walk onto the porch to show my future father-in-law my taco ring and get Bryce says to me “If you don’t like that one, you can have this one!” He hands me the most gorgeous cushion cut diamond ring which makes me break out in tears of happiness again.

This proposal was a surprise to me, along with his father. Montana will now hold a special place in my heart. Bryce couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to ask for my hand in marriage, his father and family being able to be apart of it was perfect. We are over joyed that his father was able to be there since he won’t be with us on our wedding day. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to marry into. I’m so very blessed.

Image 2 of Josette and Bryce