Josephine and David

How We Met

David and I met through a mutual friend (and employee of his) and a former summer camp colleague of mine and started dating after our first date. We were recommended to each other, and decided to connect and go for dinner to see what all the hype was about! Our first date was fun, entertaining and sweet – and we felt so connected right away, like we had known each other for years.

We just “fit” together, from the moment we met, and we haven’t looked back since!


how they asked

On October 17, 2015, David and Josephine decided to spend the rest of their lives together, following an unexpected, sentimental and perfectly “David and Josephine” proposal.

David picked Josephine up that morning, and while en route to a market at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, asked to make a pit stop at his home to change into something warmer first. While in the car, David expressed his “fears” about one day asking Josephine’s father to marry her – causing Josephine to emphatically reassure him that it would be fine when the day came. Little did she know, David had visited her father the day before, ring in hand, to ask for his blessing and after an hour of happy tears, he left with a “YES! Of course!”.

When they arrived home, David started stalling on their plans, saying that it might be more fun to watch a movie by the fireplace.

After pressing play, an unexpected video began – a montage David had created using images and videos taken of them as a couple throughout the course of their relationship. The video captured loving, silly and treasured moments, including clips of Josephine singing Carly Rae Jepsen’s – I Really Like You to Dave.

Then, with the song they had dreamed of choosing for their first dance playing and a candid photograph Josephine’s brother Simon had taken of them on the screen, David asked Josephine to marry him – and her answer was a resounding and tearful “What?! YES!!”.

Following more tears, hugs and laughter, David revealed to Josephine that he had also been secretly recording the proposal so that the moment could be shared with their loved ones.

To this day, David is proud that it took Josephine 10 minutes before she looked at her ring, having been too caught up with emotion – and he has the video to prove it!

Day of Engagement 1