Brittany and Joseph

How We Met

Joey and I met in the summer of 2014 at Ocean Bar in Hermosa Beach. My friend Katrina and I were about to leave the bar but were stuck talking to a guy neither of us was interested in. While I was trying to figure out my exit, I was approached by Joey who asked me, “Do you know how much potassium is in pineapple juice?”. This obviously made me laugh and the conversation quickly diverted to his attention. We all continued talking in Katrina’s car for quite a while. The night ended with me driving him home. Even though there was chemistry between us, we did not begin dating until May 2015.

Proposal Ideas Brooklyn, New York

Brittany and Joseph's Engagement in Brooklyn, New York

Brittany's Proposal in Brooklyn, New York

How They Asked

In 2017, Joey and I went to New York for the weekend in December and both loved it there. We decided to go back again in 2018. On our second day there, we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and spend the day in Brooklyn. The bridge was packed, and it took us nearly an hour and a half to cross it. Once we finally made it across we walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and faced the most perfect view of the Manhattan skyline. I told Joey we needed someone to take our picture at this spot, but he did not really acknowledge what I had said. Little did I know he was getting ready to propose! He turned me around, told me how special I was to him and got down on one knee!

After he stood back up, two of Joey’s best friends, Aaron and Drew, came running over. They had both flown in for the day to be there with us. Drew and Aaron had captured the whole moment. I am thankful every day that I get to be with Joey and knowing that I get to spend forever with him made me happier than I could ever imagine.

Special Thanks

Drew Wyman
 | Photographer