Joseph and Samantha

How We Met

It all happened very unexpectedly! My best friend had met a guy while she was bartending and told me I needed to be her wing man to go and meet him and his friends one night. When I walked in there was a spark that went off, we locked eyes, we were in a crowded bar but it didn’t feel like it once we had been introduced, we had a great night but I didn’t think much of it at the time. The next day he had messaged me on Facebook, making small talk and managed to sneak in that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He told me it would be easier if we continued our conversation over the phone and asked for my phone number (very smooth). We kept getting together with our groups of friends but then suddenly it was just me and him and then we were absolutely inseparable. Since then it has been adventure after adventure including moving from New York to Chicago together. Taking the chance on each other to grow our love in a new city was more then we could have ever expected. Our love grew even deeper making a new life with each other and needing/supporting each other in ways we didn’t know were possible. It has been 7 years now that have lead up to this stunningly perfect engagement.

how they asked

We had talked about the dream of getting married but I could have never imagined that my proposal would be this stunning and perfect. The week prior I kept trying to make plans with our group of friends to do something fun for the last weekend of summer. It seemed like everyone was busy and couldn’t commit but I didn’t think anything of it, he told me not to worry we would play it by ear. Turns out he had already told all of my best friends and had been planning to propose and to have them there. The day started rather normal, although he did make the bed which should have been a hint to me that this was going to be a unique day. His best friend was in town for work and stayed for the weekend since it was labor day to. When we woke up on Saturday morning, his friend and I went to the gym because he told me we should go and get it out of the way if we wanted to go out and do something later on. Which makes sense since I usually procrastinate but then feel guilty if I don’t squeeze in a good sweat sesh. We are leaving the gym and his friend asks me what I would like to do for the day and I tell him some casual plans I thought would be fun.

Well he lets me finish as we approach my apartment door, turns to me and tells me we wont be doing anything I mentioned and once he opens the door I need to follow all of the instructions he is about to give me. My heart drops and my mind is racing, he brings me to my room and on the bed is this beautiful dress that Joe had laid out surrounded by rose petals with a note that says “come and find me! – Love Joe”. he then drops the bomb on me that I need to be ready in an hour and I burst into tears. Once I was ready he brings me outside to find a car waiting for and I have no idea where we are going, my heart is racing and I just hope I used my waterproof mascara. We arrive at the beautiful J Parker Roof Top Bar at the Lincoln Hotel and as beautiful as the hotel is I could never have imagined how amazing it would be when I got to the top.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in J Parker Roof Top in Chicago, IL

We are heading up the elevator and his friend grabs my purse, the doors open, I step out and had tunnel vision to my perfect fiance waiting for me. He had a beautiful table set up in the corner overlooking the park and Lake Michigan and he just looked ready. I immediately burst into tears again and I believe I may have sprinted over into his arms without even thinking of anything else. He grabs me in his arms gives me a kiss to calm me down and drops to one knee to ask me to marry him.

The ring was something I could have never imagined would be a reality, it was stunning, magical and beyond perfect. It wasn’t until after I realized that my best friends were there to surprise me and even more friends would appear later. he was so calm, ready and handsome, it was an absolute dream come true.