Nicole and Joseph

how we met

We met in high school. Joey had spikey hair and wore a Scarface jacket everyday and apparently I found that attractive because I had a huge crush on him. We chatted on AIM and I gave him my number – but he never called! We reconnected and started dating when I came home from college.

how they asked

Nikki woke up late for work & was rushing to get ready. Joey had off that day & kept bugging her about not forgetting to open her advent calendar, which she usually did. She was running late as it was so she didn’t care that much about it, but he was persistent. Annoyed, she took the calendar off the wall, completely overlooked the sign behind it that said “Will you marry me?”, opened the #4 window & found her ring inside. She looked at him & said, “really???” He walked over to her, got down on one knee, offered her a rose & asked her if she would be with him forever &, even though he was making her late, she said YES! …then she went to work (& still got there on time)

Special Thanks

Lush Life Film
 | Photography
Ballyowen Golf Club
 | Reception Venue