Joseph and Dashua

How We Met

Dashua and I met on the night of 3/25/2016…I was visiting my best friend in Dallas, TX traveling from North Carolina and that particular evening we decided to go to a place called Park Avenue. Throughout the night My Friend noticed a particular Woman whose eyes were drawn to me. My friend was telling me she was checking me out but at the time I was too naive to notice. But then we came back around to the area she was in and that’s when we both made eye contact and from that point I felt a Chemistry. I was reluctant to approach her initially but My Bestfriend encouraged me to pursue her so I gathered up enough courage and did. From that point on our Conversation just sparked and we talked the night away….the rest is Pure LOVE and HISTORY!!!!

how they asked

After celebrating Dashua’s Birthday over the weekend, that Sunday afternoon I took her to a nice Brunch called The Eberhard. As we pulled up to the Restaurant, I informed Dashua that I would be blindfolding her. And of course anyone would feel a bit uneasy Lol but I assured her there was good reasoning behind it. As her anticipation was building up, I guided her to the front door and little did she know what she was about to walk into. As we walk in I instantly stop her and then begin to silently count to three…once three came around I took off her blindfold and she received the biggest Birthday Surprise from all of her Closest Friends and Family.

Dashua was in utter Shock and filled with tears of Joy…But that wasn’t the end!!! As she made her rounds by hugging her loved ones we then sat her down to tell her Happy Birthday. After doing that I asked Dashua to close her eyes and Make a Wish! Once she closed her eyes that’s when I got down on one knee, confessed my Love for her and asked her to be my Wife. She was so overwhelmed she Struggled to say yes but Her emotions were more than enough to confirm her Answer.