Joselyne and Emilio

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How We Met

My Fiance first laid eyes on me in my local church, where we had a FIFA watch party; he knew he wanted to marry me then. After a few months of not giving up, I got to know him and quickly fell in love.

how they asked

It was his birthday weekend and we were planning on going to his house for a birthday dinner with the family. He picked me up early and insisted we arrive early (I take real long to get ready). Instead of arriving to his house, we arrived to the park we went to on our first date. We walked for a bit and chatted under a tree just like in our first date; he suddenly got up and led me back to his car. I became surprised when I saw where he had made reservations for dinner: the restaurant we went to on our first date!

He led me to the table we sat on our first date in front of the bay. We had a nice dinner and he decides to go to the restroom. I sat and waited some time, he finally appears with a bouquet of pink roses. I did not expect it to be an engagement because he is a spontaneous man, until, I saw my best friend with a camera walk right behind him. I was so happy I did not hear a word he said until he got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked me to marry him…I said yes!

When we arrived to his house, the whole family and closest friends were waiting for us; my Fiance had planned this family dinner to celebrate my happiness of being engaged.

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Special Thanks

Karla Treminio
 | Photography