José and Ana

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how we met

Everything started in May 2015. We were both traveling, without knowing each other, from Monterrey (our hometown) to Puerto Vallarta for a wedding ceremony. The first time I saw her was at the beach the day before the ceremony. There she was… looking beautiful. And the moment I laid my eyes on her I knew I had to talk to her. So I did. As we were talking we found out that neither one of us had a date for the wedding, one thing led to another and after getting to know her and talking a lot I knew she had to be my date. And so it happened! Everything was so natural between us we had so much fun. Suddenly without realizing the night was over and foolish me forgot to ask her number. When I got home to Monterrey, I searched for Ana on Facebook until I found her. I couldn’t let her go. We talked and lucky me, I convinced her to go out. And now you know, that was the beginning of our story.

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how they asked

José thought about this proposal for a long time, he wanted it to be something extremely special and personal between me and him. The day started when he told me they we were going to a work party. He picked me up and drove for a while until we arrived to this magical house far away. The stars were shining bright.

Jose parked the car, got out and disappeared. A hostess was waiting for me and guided me to the first stage of the proposal. The first thing I saw was a sign that read ‘the road for the rest of your life’. I then realized something special was about to happen.

The first setting he made was a beautiful table filled with memories: photographs, souvenirs and a handwritten letter. While I read it, a violinist played music in the background.

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After an emotional moment, I walked down a candlelight path that lead me to the second phase. I was amazed when I saw a stunning tepee surrounded by lights, a beautiful display of photos of us from around the world and a big screen.

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As soon as I sat down a movie of us started playing – he made a film that expressed how much he loved me by adding videos and photos of our best memories together. I couldn’t handle my tears!

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At this point, I still had no idea where José was hiding. When the movie was over, I followed a path of bright lights that led to a big ‘Will you Marry me’ sign where José was standing there with a big bouquet of flowers.

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As soon as we saw each other, we hugged. José got down on one knee and popped the question… of course I said yes!!!! Then, we toasted for the beginning of the rest of our lives.

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