Joscey and Wesley

How We Met

We grew up not more than 10 miles from each other on a small farm in Wisconsin. He spent his homeschool days fishing at the pond across the street from my elementary school, we probably saw each other all the time and never knew! We officially met in middle school but didn’t start dating until we were 16. We would adventure and explore every chance we got! We have traveled to 12 states and 1 country together and plan to do so much more.

How They Asked

He proposed to me on yet another adventure. My family and Wesley and I went to Florida over our college spring break. My mom asked us all to get dressed up for family pictures and go to the beach at sunset. My mom-dad and sister left early to “enjoy the sun” but they actually went to meet the photographer and set up the proposal.

When we got to the beach we were walking towards a particularly beautiful strip of the beach and Wesley pointed to a shell formation on the shore that read “will you marry me”. At that point, my little sister walked the ring over to Wesley and he got on one knee and asked me to marry him❤️

Joscey and Wesley's Engagement in Destin Florida(me showing my grandma my ring thru the window to protect her from COVID19)

He hired the best photographer who captured the beautiful moment and had my whole family there to witness my special day! BEST DAY EVER.

Joscey's Proposal in Destin Florida


Special Thanks

Gary Alvez
 | Photographer