Jorja and Charles

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How They Asked

He reached out to the sweetest friend and photographer of ours and set up a photo shoot. Had her contact me and trick me into thinking she just wanted me to do some photos of me!! She told me to bring Charles because I always smile more with him around (which is true) so I didn’t think anything of it! We got to the location and we started the shoot. She added him in and out of some photos and then took me over to a new spot that she said would be beautiful (still oblivious) we took some of just me then she added Charles in for some and asked if there were any other poses or pictures we wanted her to capture before we wrapped up! The next thing I knew Charles was grabbing my hand, down on one knee, and telling me he had a question for me and asked me to marry him!!!

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He said a lot of other sweet things too but I was in shock!!! As if it couldn’t get any better, or more perfect! see this box! This is the box my sweet pops proposed to my grandma with over 60 years ago! If you know me you know how very close I was to my pops before he passed away so this was the most special thing that could have happened!! I’m so incredibly blessed to have a fiancé who made this day so special for me and who spent the time and effort to custom build and design my ring for me!

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Special Thanks

Brittney shears
 | Photographer