Jori and Elijah

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How We Met

Elijah and I met online through Okcupid. I had just graduated college and he was just starting his career (his own personal training business). We talked for awhile before we actually met up in person. Once we decided to meet, we wanted to find something that we could do, so we met up at a bowling alley. I beat him at bowling, of course, and then we played some arcade games, where once again, I beat him at those. We had talked about both of our loves for the Chicago Blackhawks, so he told me to bring my jersey and we would change into them later to watch the game that night. (This was not your typical first date, but very typical and normal for two people like us). We left the bowling alley and went to TGI Friday’s to get some drinks and watch the game. He surprised me with a dessert for graduating college and we had the waiter take our picture….like I said, not a normal first date. When we were ready to go, he walked me to my car, but we were not ready to say goodbye. So instead, he turned on music and we danced in the parking lot together. We had our first goodnight kiss in the parking lot before saying goodbye. As we both got in our cars, the song “Goodnight Kiss” by Randy Houser was playing, which then had us both roll down our windows and blast it to each other as we drove away. That is now “our” song :)

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how they asked

My boyfriend (at the time) and I had been dating for 3 years. It just happened that on our 3 year, we would be in Vegas with my family celebrating my brothers 21st birthday! I didn’t expect anything the whole weekend, but he managed to pull off the biggest surprise of my life!! My family and I (and my boyfriend’s best friend) were walking the strip on our way to a bar. My family started splitting up and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Soon they started stalling for time and I thought something was going on. After watching the Bellagio dancing waters for the second time now, a magician came up to us and asked us if we wanted to do a magic trick with him. I do not like attention or doing things like this, so of course I said “no thanks”! Elijah and my family pushed me to do the trick, so I started to catch on. They took me over to a beautiful spot in front of the lit up Bellagio and dancing waters and began recording us.

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The magician pulled out some cards and started doing a magic trick to decide if Elijah and I were meant to be. Little did I know, Elijah had set this whole thing up. Soon the magician put a card in Elijah’s hands and told me to come around to watch his trick. He waved cards over Elijah’s hands and made the ring appear. I started crying, but that wasn’t even the end. He asked me to turn the card over and I read “Will you marry me?” written on the card. Elijah dropped to his knee and I was a mess! He said, “Will you be my forever goodnight kiss and marry me?” (From our song!) I will forever cherish this moment and I CANNOT wait to marry him!!!!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Greg Devereaux
 | Magician, videographer, photographer, planner