Jorgia and James

Jorgia's Proposal in Estes Park, Colorado

How We Met

We met at a wedding on May 14th, 2014- it was his cousin’s and my best friend’s. We were both in the wedding party. I lived in Colorado at the time and the wedding was in Texas, so I had to fly down for the weekend. We were so shy with each other at first but really hit it off. I ended up messaging him the next day on Facebook “blaming” him for giving me a cold (aka give me your number, hahaha). We have been texting nonstop ever since.

We found out that I lived next door to his aunt and uncle my entire life and we NEVER crossed paths. He also went to school with my older brothers. He came to visit twice over the next few months and then he finally bought me a plane ticket to come to visit him and meet his family. His mom went to school with my dad and a few of my other family members. How crazy is it that he was at his uncle’s house all the time and we never met?! One of the nights I was visiting, we were driving across a bridge talking, and we saw a shooting star and at the same time, we just knew we were soulmates. Fast forward to a few months later, he moved to CO and moved in with me. 4 years later we moved back to our home town, and now we’re building a future together.

How They Asked

For our first anniversary, we stayed in the Aspen Wind cabins in Estes Park, Colorado. For our 5th anniversary, we decided to do it again. We got there pretty late so it was dark outside, and we went to the back porch of our cabin to look at the snow and the mountains. I forgot my snow boots so I was wearing some Nikes, Every step I took I sunk into the snow so I decided I didn’t want to go check out the river by our cabin.

I went inside to warm up and he stayed outside a little longer, which I thought was odd, but thought maybe he was taking photos. He came back finally to warm up. About an hour later we went back outside and I noticed earlier when he stayed outside, he was making a path for me to go sit in a log swing by the river. (SWOOOOON.) I took a few steps to go to the swing and sunk a tiny bit into the snow and I said “screw that” and turned around (facepalm). So then we’re standing there and he said “hey, it’s a full moon!” so I decided to draw a heart in the snow with J+J. The moment I finished, he dropped down on one knee (in the snow!!!) and said “Jorgia Ann Ellison, mother of our fur babies and the love of my life. Under this full moon in these beautiful mountains, would you do me the honor of being my wife?” I probably messed up a bit of what he said, but I was so in shock all I could say was “FOR REAL?!” which he still makes fun of me for, lol.

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