Jorge and Lorena's Chicago Pier Proposal

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How we met: Lorena and I met 7 years ago when we both came to live in Mexico City, and we have been dating for 6 years, I think I knew from the moment I met her, that she was going to be my other half. As any other couple, we’ve been through good and bad times, but we’ve always known how to get through them.

how they asked: Around 3 months ago I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and I knew I needed to propose; we had this trip to Chicago planned since March to celebrate my birthday on Nov 10th and I knew this was the perfect moment to ask the question. I talked with my family and hers to give them the news and start with the whole planning process, both of our families have been very excited since they heard we were getting married since we are very close to them.

For the proposal, I knew it needed to be something special and Lorena loves photos. I always had the idea of sending her a message through some videos, but I was not very clear on what to do afterwards, so I started researching on the Internet and I found the amazing website of Flytographer and knew it was the perfect idea instantly. I contacted Jen and Peter and they were the most incredible people since the beginning, they made me feel confident and gave me all their support throughout the whole process. Jen is an amazing person and very attentive and detail oriented; Peter is simply an amazing photographer, working with him was the best thing that could have happened. When I first met them through Skype, I told them my idea about the videos and meeting Lorena at some spot in the city, Peter suggested the best spot ever and ever since that moment we all started planning the whole thing together.

So getting to “how I popped the question moment”, during Friday, our second day in Chicago, we went sightseeing during the morning and I told Lorena we had a restaurant reservation at 3:30 (moment when the photo shoot would start) and we needed to be back at the hotel by 2 so we could get changed and be ready; while she was getting ready I told her I needed to go to the front desk to ask for something so I left her there, meanwhile, I have already left the iPad with an alarm and a letter so she should watch the videos I have prepared. There were 4 videos, in the first was I told her what was going on, I told her I loved her so bad and that I was about to propose, I also left her the time and the place where we were going to meet; the second video was me telling her all the things I love from her, for the third video, I recorded all my family and hers giving her a message about this new experience we are about to get in (she cried a lot with this one), and the last one was a video with my vows. While she was watching the videos by herself, I was heading to North Avenue Beach to meet Peter and wait for her to arrive, we waited for her for around 15 minutes, I have no words to express my feelings whenever she arrived, I think I’ve never been more nervous and exited at the same time ever and once I saw her I knew I would never love anyone the way I love her; we walked down to the “pier”, I got down on one knee and asked the question “will you marry me?” and she said YES!!!!

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Peter was capturing the moment during the whole process and after the proposal, he took us down to some great places in the city to continue with the shoot; Lorena was amazed with Peter and the photoshoot, which made it all easier and we really enjoyed the time we spent with Peter.

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We are now planning the wedding, which will be by mid November of 2015, by now we are looking for the perfect place to get married and hope to have it booked before the end of 2014. We’re very excited with this decision and I know we will make the most of it.

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Photography Peter Gubernat for Flytographer