Jordyn and Tim

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sharp Top Mountain, Bedford, VA

How We Met

I first met Tim at our brother-sister-dorm tailgate at Liberty University before their first home football game. Little did I know that I’d spend the next years growing to know and love him. We went to all football games, hockey games, movie nights, and countless other events together. In the summer I would visit him to go flying in little planes (he’s a flight instructor at the School of Aeronautics), and over holiday breaks we would Skype for hours. Before too long, we fell in love with each other – a love that continues to grow every day.

Where to Propose in Sharp Top Mountain, Bedford, VA

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sharp Top Mountain, Bedford, VA

Proposal Ideas Sharp Top Mountain, Bedford, VA

How They Asked

For a couple of weeks, Tim had been insisting that we hike up Sharp Top Mountain together one Saturday, but different things kept getting in the way. We finally made it to the mountain on August 11, where Tim would ask me the greatest question I have ever heard. The hike up was exhausting, and when we got to the overlook, it was fairly crowded with other adventurers. Tim suggested finding a more secluded spot that still had a gorgeous view. When we found the perfect spot at the top of the mountain, Tim got down on one knee and asked if I knew why he wanted to propose at this place.

I did not have an answer, and my heart was beginning to beat so fast out of pure joy and excitement. He stated that this mountain was special because it is distinctly recognizable from anywhere in Lynchburg. So now, whenever I caught sight of its peak on the horizon, I would remember this day and the promise that we are making to each other. Then he asked me if I would marry him, and I am fairly certain that I said yes at least a dozen times! The moment could not have been any more perfect.

Special Thanks

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