Jordyn and Hunter

How We Met

In August of 2014 my brother was visiting my family while on leave from the Army. Like usual, my father and brother decided to go play golf. As they have told me, there was a group of four in front of them that were playing extremely slow. The two men playing golf behind them were also waiting at the same hole my dad and brother were waiting at. My dad invited the two guys behind him to join them so they were able to play at the same pace and they accepted. Well my dad being the proud father he is asked these guys if they knew who I was and they had only heard my name through social media. When my dad got back that night he asked me if I knew of a Hunter from Gallatin. Well, that name is very common as we all know and he could not remember Hunter’s last name. A few hours later I got a message from Hunter mentioning that he had played golf with my dad and brother. Before ending the conversation he made the comment, “hopefully one day we will be able to meet.” Fast forward six months later, he messages me again. This time I was not seeing anyone and neither was he. We continued to talk throughout the entire day. He was currently going to school at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and I was at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville. Just a few days later he drove to Cookeville just to take me to Olive Garden and we were inseparable ever since. That night I knew this was going to be something special.

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Friday night Hunter and I decided to go eat in Nashville at one of our favorite restaurants. As we were eating I told him we needed to leave early because I felt extremely sick and needed to get home. My best friend was in from out of town and I had “plans” to meet up with her but was feeling so bad I was tempted to tell her I would see her the next night because I just wanted to get home and get to bed. We took the usual route home, but when he got off the exit he took a right instead of a left. As we pulled into a gas station he said, “I want to take you somewhere, but need to get gas first.” As we left and were headed down the road I knew exactly where we were going.. to his grandparents lake house.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Family lake house

This was not out of the norm, we always spent time over there and he thought I was still meeting up with my good friend and she was tied up so he just said we were wasting time. As we got to the lake house we started to walk around back. There I saw a tree lit in globe lights, Hunter asked me if it was the neighbors tree and I just told him I assumed it was. It wasn’t for a few more steps until I saw a blanket laying there with rose petals all over it. Hunter spoke some of the sweetest words and then our closest friends came running out from behind the boat dock.

Jordyn and Hunter's Engagement in Family lake house

To me that had already been the picture perfect night. He told everyone his grandparents had given him the key and we could all go in to relax. When we walked up to the pitch black lake house, all lights came on and our families were there to celebrate such a wonderful night with us. Not only had he planned the most perfect proposal, but also the most special engagement party directly after.

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