Jordyn and Gadiel

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How We Met

Gadiel and I met the summer after I graduated college while I was interning at the company he worked at. He, unlike me, knew the moment he saw my face that I was the one and he never gave up pursuing me. The HR reps at the company saw his interest, then meddled and assigned me the desk right next to his. We got off on the wrong foot at first and I didn’t want anything to do with this obnoxious guy who wouldn’t stop hanging around me and my friends. One day, unbeknownst to me he placed his hand on my desk and prayed to God that if “she is mine then bring her to me.” Long story short we soon became inseparable friends and later developed feelings for each other. Before proceeding to give dating a try, we each separately prayed for a week and asked God if we should pursue each other. God gave us the greenlight and the rest became history. After 2 months we fell in love and knew that we wanted to spend forever together. We bravely endured 5 months of long-distance dating while I was on a missions trip called the World Race. I ended up coming home early and 11 weeks later Gadiel asked me a very special question.

How They Asked

We started out the day with a morning date to this really cool aerospace museum in Dallas that I had been begging him to take me to. After we left the museum Gadiel very quickly hijacked the day with four surprises that he said we would encounter throughout the day. He made sure to let me know that “I’m not proposing so don’t be disappointed.” I convinced he was waiting to propose on our one-year anniversary next month, responded with “oh I know you aren’t. ”Gadiel is very sentimental, so for the first surprise, he took me to the restaurant where we had our first date. We had a yummy brunch with fresh fruit, ham, eggs, and other foods we adore.

For the second surprise, Gadi pulled up to an airstrip on the outskirts of Fort Worth and led me across the windy tarmac to a rumbling aircraft. The moment I saw the helicopter, I immediately started jumping for joy and exclaiming “I’m going to ride in a freaking helicopter!” The attendant laughed, strapped us in, handed us each a headset, and we took off. As life carried on normally for some, we were circling above them making sharp turns, and feeling free as birds. After we landed, the pilot let us take a quick photoshoot in front of the helicopter.

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We then headed to Starbucks so we could rest, update our socials, and I could fix my messy wind swept hair. Gadiel gave a very emotional speech about life, God, and how much he loved me. He then told me that the third surprise was that we were going to look at some land in a nearby town that he was considering purchasing. I remember exclaiming “but it’s soo far from our church!” Gadi responded, “Baby just trust me.” He led me across a public park claiming that it was the fasted way to get to this land which butted up to the park.

As we ventured further down the path, he asked me to walk ahead of him so he could get some candids. We stumbled upon a woman who was taking mommy and my photos with her daughter and I stopped and told Gadiel that we had to leave them alone. As I turned around, he grabbed my hands and quickly got down on one
knee. I rolled my eyes thinking this was a prank and when I looked down I saw a beautiful stunning ring. I collapsed and hugged him, full of emotions but he
made me stand as he placed the ring of my dreams on my finger. The actors, a photographer, and a second photographer who was crouching in the tall grass
quickly made their way to us. After a quick photoshoot, Gadiel took me to a Vietnamize restaurant where the fourth and final surprise was our families
waiting to congratulate us.

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I am so lucky to be marrying the man of my dreams. God himself wrote our love story and brought us together, through prayer, and friendship. Gadiel outdid himself with an unforgettable day full of adventure and romance.

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Special Thanks

Aleq Slimp
 | Photographer