Jordyn and Elliott

How We Met

I took a year dating sabbatical. I solely focused on work and friends and personal growth. However, after the year was up my girlfriends told me I needed to try a site called “Bumble” they insisted it’s perfect for me since the women have to reach out to the guy so I caved and did it. I was in Orlando, Florida, playing on bumble while my mom was on a roller coaster and swiped a super cute guy… googled his college mascot and used what I thought was a super corny pickup line but according to him made him fall in love from our first exchange. Elliott is originally from Minnesota but working in Orlando, Florida at the time. I lived in Boca Raton, Florida. We realized we lived 3 hours apart and We dated long distance for 4 months exchanging weekend to visit each other. My company had lay-off and I was one of them. Elliott convinced me to move to Orlando and move in with him. 3 months later I got a promotion in Denver with the same company… 2 weeks later we packed our bags and drove cross-country to start our new life in Colorado! It was impulsive and crazy but was absolutely the best decision ever!!

how they asked

Elliott came home from work and told me to pack my bags were going to the cabin (our favorite staycation in Buena Vista) he made it like the whole weekend was impulsive and we didn’t really have any plans. He said we were going for a hike with a great view and we would have a picnic once we reached the top. He left out the part where he told me this would be the hardest hike of my life!

I complained the whole way up the grueling hike, I was convinced I was going to pass out the entire time, I’m pretty sure Elliott thought the same and he was getting a little worried I wouldn’t make it. However, I pushed and made it! once we finally made it up Elliott got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him! Easiest question of my life.. I said yes! He opened his backpack where he had a bottle of champagne, champagne glasses, and our picnic!! I met the man of my dreams and couldn’t think of a more perfect man to spend the rest of my life with!