Jordyn and Derek

Image 1 of Jordyn and Derek

How We Met

Derek and I met for the first time on a plane heading to an interim trip for a college Geology class in Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands. The seat assignments were alphabetical, which led us to sit next to each other since our last names both start with “S”. We spoke for the whole nonstop flight to our first stop in Quito and were amazed how we never ran into each other given our school only had 2500 students. The trip lasted for a few weeks and once we returned to campus we were inseparable.

how they asked

We went to Wolffer Estate in the Hamptons on a very hot Saturday. After we did a wine tasting, Derek said we can go on a walk around the vineyard. The waitress gave us directions and we went on our way but only two steps later, Derek stopped me and said “Jordyn, look at this beautiful row!” I turned and I saw a sign hanging on the vines saying ” Jordyn, Will You Marry Me?” Derek got on one knee as I was hysterically crying the happiest tears. I said yes OF COURSE and he said there was one more surprise. He walked me to the next row where I see my dad laying on his stomach on the ground trying to take pictures of us and not be seen, my mom, grandparents, and my aunt who had flew in from out of town. The best surprise in the world!!

Image 2 of Jordyn and Derek