Jordyn and Dennis

How We Met

Like most couples nowadays, we met through social media. He saw me on one of his friends instagram page and asked “who is that?” Because he thought I was cute (that’s what he says haha) and then he added me and started messaging back and forth and decided we would meet up to meet and hang out (I was so nervous to meet him, i mean come on he’s so attractive!!). And from the day we met we haven’t spent one day apart.

Proposal Ideas The hospital after I gave birth to our son

how they asked

I had just been in labor for 12 hours, although my delivery was on 15 minutes long, i was exhausted. We had just welcomed our son into the world about two hours ago and that was already such an emotional moment for us both, we’d shared tears of joy as soon as we met Hendrix. Dennis stepped out of the room for a few minutes to grab my family members so they could come meet hendrix(so i thought) and when they came back i noticed my dad and brothers fiance were recording, so i knew something was up. The nurse brings Hendrix over with a onesie that read “mommy will you marry my daddy” and i instantly lost it. I said yes of course through more tears of joy!

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