Jordyn and Christian

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How We Met

How we met….. I’ve always been told, “when you know, you’ll know.” Boy isn’t that the truth. It all happened in the Hustler’s Capital of the world, Hollywood, CA. In 2013, My 19 year-old self had moved from San Diego to Los Angeles for my former boyfriend whom we shall not name nor speak of. Long story short: I moved here, we broke up, a sad time for Jordyn.

I then met this vivacious woman in my apartment complex (sadly I have forgotten her name). We met in the pool area of my apartment complex, and she invited me to go out with her that night – I think she saw how sad and pathetic I was acting. I was in no position to decline, although going out was the last thing I wanted to do.

She and I went to a party at an apartment complex on Hollywood Blvd called, The Rubix. We were on the balcony and I got emotional over my stupid ex. She asked me, “What is your type of guy?” I stopped for a minute, looked up across the balcony, and saw this guy sitting on the couch, listening to Gucci Mane, eating cereal, and all alone on a Friday night. I said to the girl (gosh I wish I remembered her name!) “That’s MY kind of guy – staying in on a Friday night and listening to MY kind of music.”

She then hollered, “hey you, come out here” as he slowly walked to the balcony I was squirming to get back into the apartment because I was so embarrassed! He walked out and said “What’s going on ladies” and my friend suggested he came out to the party with us. His response was, “well, let me get your number.” And my friend suggested, “why don’t you get hers?”

We exchanged numbers and I immediately noticed his area code was from Florida – I should have known to run right away ;)

We ended up not hanging out for a few months later. Then it happened. We FINALLY met up and grabbed drinks at The Roosevelt Hotel. Yes, I had to use a fake id that said I was 30 years old. LOL.

We TALKED AND TALKED AND TALKED for over 3 hours, and I knew it – this was something really special. I remember when he went to the restroom, I had to massage my cheeks because I was smiling so much they hurt! We walked home and I called my mom immediately when I got to my apartment and hold her I have met my future husband!

Now the fun part – we DIDN’T KISS FOR 6 MONTHS! We continued dating, hanging out together, and not talking about what this “was.” Until finally I said to him “Aren’t you gunna kiss me??” He looked at me, smiled, and gave me the best kiss I could have imagined, and the rest is history.

how they asked

It was a rainy, rainy day in “sunny” Santa Barbara, CA. I was beyond depressed because I had given up the hope that he would ever propose to me. I had thought it was “coming” weeks prior while we were in Hawaii. I was getting along with my normal Sunday day: working out, cleaning, and picking out my dresses for the week. We had a work dinner planned for Christian which I was so excited for.

We arrived at the Bacara Resort and the concierge drove us in his golf cart and dropped us off at a spa. Christian said to me “I want you to get a massage and relax before the dinner.” I said, “Uh yeah I can most definitely do that!” After my wonderful 1 hour massage Christian and I are walking to our “dinner” and noticed his hand SHAKING and he is walking SO FAST. You will notice in the video I have to run to keep up! He is saying things that don’t make sense and I am thinking “could this finally be it?” And it was!

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He asked, I literally TWIRLED with JOY, and my parents and grandpa came out afterward. It was SO SPECIAL.

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Safe to say I drank 3 bottles of champagne and had the worst / best hangover of my life.

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