Jordon and Lisa

how we met

Jordon was the cool handsome guy that I always heard about from friends while we were both in school at Penn State. Our paths never actually crossed during those years, but as fate would have it, we finally met each other a half decade later while working and living in New York City. We immediately hit it off on our first date in the lobby bar at the Ace Hotel where laughter and great conversation formed one heck of an instant connection. The night closed with a perfect first kiss under the bights lights of Manhattan as Jordon walked me back to my apartment. Our second date took place the very next night and the rest was truly history…

how they asked

Fast forward a little more than two years later, Jordon was ready to propose. Fresh off of a trip to Los Angeles for New Year’s Eve, unbeknownst to me, his marriage proposal plans were about to be put into motion. Not exactly known for being the quintessential planner, Jordon knew he wanted to go big on what would be the biggest day of our lives to date… and big he went!

Jordon planned a surprise date for us on a winter Saturday afternoon where we would have a late brunch at the Loeb Boathouse overlooking Central Park Lake. It was an unseasonably beautiful day nearing record high temperatures of 65 degrees – obviously, love was in the air. After lunch, the plan was for us to walk across the park and head over to the Museum of Natural History for a private tour, something we had talked about doing for many months. On the walk across the park, we took the scenic route south of the lake towards iconic Bethesda Fountain and then westward up and over the most magnificent spot in all of Central Park – Bow Bridge. The setting was absolutely perfect as we crossed the bridge – the air was warm and the sun shone bright, all amplified by the sounds of tourists, children and birds buzzing that spring might be upon us.

As we cleared the bridge and veered off the beaten path, we came upon a small clearing just a few feet from the water. It was a moment that I’ll never forget as we came eye to eye with the majesty of the bridge behind us reflecting brilliantly against the calm waters. Jordon told me he loved me with all of his heart while welling up with joyous tears – he got down on one knee, reached into his pocket, pulled out the most spectacular ring I’d ever seen and asked if I would be his wife.

Amidst utter shock, happiness and runny mascara, I was able to muster just three letters which would change my life forever – Y-E-S. We shared a moment of embrace that felt like eternity or even a dream where I simply floated away to an otherworldly place.

When time again began to move, I had realized the entire moment had been captured on film as Jordon hired an incredible professional photographer (Vlad Leto) to ensure we would be able to relive it forever. The pictures and subsequent on-the-spot engagement shoot was nothing short of an amazing experience as Vlad expertly captured our complete and most unedited selves in the moments before, during and after the best of my life.

From here, Jordon’s surprise was not yet finished as we weaved across and out of the park to find a nice spot nearby for a celebratory cocktail where we could call our families and closest friends to share the big news. It turns out that I never even had to make a call as everyone was already there; parents and siblings and friends, all waiting for us with smiles, hugs and kisses for a surprise engagement party where we drank, ate and laughed the night away. It was truly a magical day; one that I had only dreamed of and what will be relived in my head each and every day for the rest of my life.

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