Jordn and Josh

How We Met

Josh & I met when we were young kids both swimming for our towns local swim team. I was a little over a year older than him, but even in my young age would tell all my friends about the cute boy on my swim team. We went to separate high schools and eventually lost touch. We reconnected when we were both in college and began dating in late 2012.

how they asked

After dating for almost five years, I had been wondering if he would ever pop the question. We had been planning a trip to Jamaica and stayed at a romantic Sandals resort in August 2017 to celebrate graduating with my doctorate that summer. So I thought, if anything, maybe he would propose there. The trip came and went and it did not happen. That’s why when he came to me a few months later and said we were taking a surprise trip for my birthday in November I did not expect anything. He told me two days before we were leaving that he was taking me to Maui for the first time! He took me to a beautiful romantic resort right on the beach. Our first night there he asked if I wanted to walk on the beach to check out our surroundings. The sun has barely set and the colors in the sky were amazing. As we walked down the beach hand in hand, he suddenly ‘dropped his drink.’ I turned around when I noticed he wasn’t walking behind me, and there he was, on one knee, ring box in hand asking me to marry him. It took a few moments for it to sink in that he was serious before I understood it was actually happening and was able to say yes! Come to find out, he had been planning this with the help of my best friend for months. No one was around to get a picture of the proposal, but a few minutes later we asked a couple who was walking down the beach to take our picture in the spot he proposed. After they walked away, they came back and said that prior to walking down the beach they had been taking pictures of the sunset and noticed they captured the end of our special moment in one of their pictures! You can tell we were hugging so he must have just got off one knee. They were kind enough to send us the picture which came out beautiful. We spent the rest of the trip celebrating in disbelief that I finally can plan my forever with the love of my life! It was a perfect trip and I left with a perfect fiancé.