Jordin and Jaime

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My Aunts on Christmas Eve

How We Met

It was about two years ago and I was going out for a friends birthday party in Columbus. All of my friends, including the birthday boy had tried playing match maker and setting me up with every friend under the sun. We all went out to dinner and afterwards decided to go to a bar down the road. It wasn’t until the bar that Jaime, my knight in shining armor made his appearance. The moment he walked in he caught my attention and I wasn’t going to leave that night until I was sure he knew who I was. I approached him at the bar and we exchanged hellos and honestly it’s all history from there. We went on our first date two days later and never went a day without talking since.

Jordin and Jaime's Engagement in My Aunts on Christmas Eve

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My Aunts on Christmas Eve

how they asked

Christmas Eve is a big deal with my family and I’m a huge family person. There are usually 40+ people and it’s a night of laughter, tears and bonding. Cousins from Seattle even come in town for this big to do. We always eat super late because there are so many of us and around 10 pm we start are gift exchange. We draw names every year and this year my cousin George had me. Many of my family had opened their gifts and it was finally my turn. I started opening my gift, as there was a few things in the bag and the first thing I grabbed was a tiny bag inside. Inside that bag was a jewelry box, my immediate thought was why on earth would my cousin get me jewelry!? Little did I know what I was about to open. I popped the box open and there it was….. a shiny, stunning, breathtaking diamond ring I could have only dreamed about.

I was puzzled at first I’ll be honest, but when I looked up and saw Jaime on one knee the water works started flowing. He asked me to marry him in front of my ENTIRE family and it was literally the best moment of my life (at least what I can remember ;)) I obviously said yes and we spent the rest of the night popping bottles of champagne and celebrating with my favorite people. It was a night I’ll never forget!