Jordin and Jake

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How We Met

My fiance’ and I met a year ago, after we had both been through some crazy bad relationships. We became friends instantly and just started hanging out whenever we could. I found out he liked me more than a friend, but I told him “only friends”, he had 3 girls and an ex wife. I didn’t know if I could handle it all. He asked me to go cut down a Christmas tree with the girls and I knew I loved him then. I finally admitted it to him and we started dating. After 5 months we knew we wanted to be together.

how they asked

Tuesday, April 18th after spring break , he surprised me at school in front of my 3rd grade class. He had our song played on the intercom “one call away”…. walked into the room, got on a knee and proposed. I said, YES!!!!

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The kids went crazy! My principal announced it to the entire building and we did a lap around the school. Over 400 kids and teachers were there to congratulate us! His daughters were there and my parents. It was a perfect day!!!! An amazing start to happily ever after….

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