Jordana and Dean

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How We Met

Dean & I went to high school together but weren’t in the same friend group so we never really hung out. We officially met after high school on a Valentine’s Day pub crawl with mutual friends. We had so much fun! Then a couple months later I went to his birthday party with a couple friends. On the way home I told my friend “I think I like “Dean”. She said “do you want his number? He’s a good kisser.” Too funny! So I got his number and the rest is history. We’ve been together 7 years.

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how they asked

We decided a while back we should probably go on a trip just the two of us, since we’ve been together 7 years and never have. We decided to go to Banff for the weekend. We had so much fun on the Friday night. On Saturday we were on our way for dinner. We pulled up in front of the restaurant and dean realized he forgot his wallet. So we went back to the hotel. He told me to wait in the cab while he grabbed his wallet. It seemed to be taking a while. Then he called me and said he couldn’t find it so I should just pay for the cab and come back to the room. So I did. When I got to the room the song “autograph” by Dallas Smith was playing. There were photos of us all over the room and rose petals leading to the bedroom.He was in there on one knee. I was so shocked and couldn’t stop crying. I of course said yes and am over the moon!!

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Special Thanks

The Fox Hotel Badf
 | Helped dean with setting up the room