Jordan and Derrick

Image 1 of Jordan and DerrickHow We Met: Derrick’s first cousin is married to my best friend, Cally’s sister so I knew who he was for a while before I met him. Freshman year of college Cally had a volleyball tryout at the college that Derrick attends and plays football for so he went with her. For the next two weeks she and Derrick started “talking.” She told me all about him and I was so jealous that she had found such a sweet guy. I finally met him on Thanksgiving, about 2 weeks after her tryout. Cally soon confessed to me that she was going to quit talking to Derrick, so she did. A day or two later Derrick sent me a message on twitter asking for my number because he had to talk to me. As I suspected, he wanted to know what was up with Cally. He eventually began finding excuses to keep talking to me and I quickly realized that Derrick liked me. For the next six months Derrick tried to convince me that we were supposed to be together, but I just wouldn’t give him a chance. When summer rolled around he somehow started hanging out with me and my friends and I was getting very frustrated that my friends kept inviting him places. Then the day before I was scheduled to go to the beach with a church group and get away from Derrick for a few days, Cally invited him to the beach. I was so upset! But somehow during the trip my feelings changed. During the trip my youth minister and his wife gave a talk on dating and marriage. They stressed to us the idea of dating to marry. “Date someone you can see yourself marrying.” For some reason I could see myself marrying Derrick. We started dating two weeks later!

FYI Cally encouraged our relationship long before day one!

how they asked: Derrick and I live 2.5 hours apart and we have our entire relationship. During Christmas break we had planned to go to my hometown, but a few days before Derrick told me he wanted to go to Tuscaloosa (where he lives) on that saturday and go on a date. We hadn’t been on a real date in a few months because he had been playing football so I was really excited about it! We were going to dinner then to the Riverwalk to walk the Tinsel Trail. The Tinsel Trail is a bunch of real Christmas trees along the river that had been decorated by people and companies in the town. After dinner Derrick said he needed to run by his house and get some pants for church the next day. As we were walking into his parent’s house he told me that they might come with us. When he was ready to go and asked if I was his mom asked “Where are y’all going?” I thought that was odd considering he told me that might come, but I didn’t think much about it. We took separate cars since Derrick and I would be driving back to my hometown afterward. On the way there Derrick told me that his mom was bringing her camera to take pictures because she had come earlier in the week and didn’t have her camera and wanted to take pictures. When we got out of the car his mom looked at Derrick and told him that she brought her camera to take pictures and she told him like he didn’t know. This also stood out to me. He already knew she was bringing her camera and I was wondering why she told him like it was the first time she told him, but again I just brushed it off. We walked all the

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