Jordan and Zach

Image 2 of Jordan and Zach

How we met: Zach and I met in college at Central Michigan University. We were both hanging out at a local pub when mutual friends introduced us thinking that we might hit it off. I thought Zach was a total babe and was way too sweet to be single! The next night my friends and I went to a random house party, and it turned out to be at Zach’s place…what are the chances! Little did we know that our casual introduction would lead to the most fulfilling and joyous relationship for the both of us! We were inseparable everyday for the following two weeks after our first night out. Zach asked me to be his girlfriend in the pouring rain. How can a girl say no to that?!

Zach graduated before I did and made the move from Michigan to California to pursue his career. We maintained a long distance relationship for over a year which only made us grow stronger as a couple. I cherish those times because it proved how deep our love for one another truly was and is to this day. I moved to California after college and we continued our journey on the west coast together. Five years later and he still makes me feel like the only girl in the room!

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how they asked: We LOVE spending time outdoors and take advantage of every opportunity we have to be adventurous. It was completely natural for Zach to take us to Torrey Pines Nature Reserve, which is our favorite area to hike in Southern California.

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We had plans to go on a Saturday morning and we were both excited to get outside and explore. I walked into the living room wearing yoga pants and a cute cut-off tank top, but was greeted by Zach with a button up. I was extremely confused and immediately told him to go change because we had hiking plans. He convinced me that his mom needed nice pictures of us so he figured Torrey Pines would be a beautiful place to take them. I totally fell for it and changed my outfit not thinking too much into it.

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We got to Torrey Pines and took the trails down the the beach. Zach and I wandered the shoreline enjoying our time together. We continued until Zach found a tiny cove in complete privacy.

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He set up his phone on a tripod to take a picture of us in this awesome new hideaway we had found. Zach LOVES photos in nature so the tripod wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Image 1 of Jordan and Zach

What was out of the ordinary was the fact that he walked around to take a picture with me and then got down on one knee to propose!!! I’ve never felt happier in my entire life.

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I found out at the end of his proposal that his camera wasn’t on photo, but video! I loved our intimate proposal in nature. It fit our personalities perfectly, and I’m still in awe that I get to marry the man of my dreams.

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