Jordan and William's Proposal in Piedmont Park

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How We Met

Will and I met basically through mutual friends. We knew of each other but met in person at the Passion conference in Atlanta in 2013! We didn’t really talk for a year after that, but became reconnected when we wanted to go back to Passion for the 2014 conference and that’s how we started dating!

how they asked

I had been telling Will for months how I wanted to have more pictures taken of us because the ones we had done professionally were getting old. He kept telling me to just wait until we have a reason, and I agreed because then I wouldn’t just be spending money for no reason. So I didn’t really think anything of it after that.

I have a good friend, Amber Phinisee, who is a phenomenal photographer! She asked me one day if I knew any couples interested in doing a promotional shoot for her business, so I of course volunteered Will and I! We set up everything like it was a promotional shoot, and Amber told me she wanted to do it somewhere in Atlanta either at Piedmont park or the botanical gardens. Once we decided where and when, we started picking out what Will and I were going to wear for this shoot! I was totally clueless the whole time.

Her sister is a fabulous hair and makeup artist so morning of our shoot she did my hair and makeup then we all three made the trip up to Atlanta to Piedmont Park.

We got there and started taking pictures (in the freezing cold! and almost rain) and we found a spot that overlooked the pond with the skyline in the back and decided it would be a great place for pictures. So Amber was doing her thing taking pictures, telling me to smile and close my eyes. I could feel Will doing something behind me but I thought he was fixing his hair since it was pretty windy.

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So then we start hugging and he’s telling me how much he loves me and how he knew I was special when we had our first (one-on-one) date in Atlanta. I started to get nervous because he was being really sweet and kind of emotional so then he told me, “This isn’t a promotional shoot” and I just kind of froze. It felt like time stopped because then he got down on his knee and popped open that little red box!

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I was so shocked and surprised. I was thinking he was gonna propose when we went to Las Vegas later in the summer but instead he did it 2 days before our two-year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier. He truly is my better half and best friend and I am one lucky girl to be able to call him my future husband!

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Special Thanks

Amber Phinisee
 | Photography
James Allen
 | Ring
James Allen
 | Ring