Jordan and Turner

how we met

We’ve been together five years, and in those five years we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, each other and the people we love. When I first met Turner we were all gathered up in a Goody’s parking lot. He was three sheets to the wind and ran a stop sign and hit the car that was supposed to be me. (I let the girl go ahead of me when we were told to leave.) I wasn’t even friends with him on Facebook but I messaged him anyway to make sure he was alright. He messaged me saying that his messenger wasn’t working so I should just text him. That was after he had sent like five messages and I fell for it. I thank God everyday that I did. A few short months we started dating; those months turned into years and eventually after four years of dating we both decided that we both wanted forever.

how they asked

Although we went to look at rings and planned the little things, I didn’t take him seriously. When we’re taking the pictures I had been begging to have done and I picked my Ruby up and read the tag he had engraved I was genuinely shocked. Between Ruby’s new tag, the man I love so and the future he was offering me I was moved to tears.

I’ve never been a cryer, but I cried many tears that afternoon. He chose the most beautiful ring I have ever seen; it’s a three stone ring in which each stone represents the past, the present and the future.

In our five years, we’ve done a lot and said even more things we aren’t proud of but that past has built a strong and loving relationship that is able to survive the present and with God’s grace will further grow into our future.

Special Thanks