Jordan and Treyson

Image 1 of Jordan Renee and Treyson

How We Met

We met in my sophomore year physical science class. We dated on and off in high school and finally broke up and cut off all connection. Years later we accidentally reconnected in different states, and after many many visits and plane rides. We began dating again, and shorty after he moved back home so we could stop the long distance thing and really have a relationship!

How They Asked

I woke up the morning of and he was gone at work. I walk around my house to find note left all over my kitchen and bathroom. One saying “go pick out your favorite outfit and get ready. We are going out for a very special Jordy day!” And well and one more telling me not to ask any questions! We get to the winery and eat lunch and when we go to leave he pulls me towards the walkway around to the back. As you walk down you see a bunch of white balloons that all say “will you marry me” on them, and then you get closer to the bronze gazebo and see custom balloons with our favorite pictures on them. He has my favorite flowers in the middle of the table and candles all around. After he proposed all of our family comes running out from the bushes on the side. They had all been waiting and recording the whole thing! He had everyone in on it and everyone hiding out to make sure I didn’t see anything! We finished it off with celebrating with a wine tasting with all of our family that had been there to watch. It will always be a day I wish to relive over and over again. It goes without saying he did an amazing job, and went above and beyond what I could have ever expected.