Jordan and Thomas

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Grand Floridian, Walt Disney World

How We Met

Tom and I met via Tinder! Which is pretty unromantic really, but our first date was in the pub at the end of my street. I didn’t actually tell him I lived less than a minute’s walk away for fear he was a murderer so I ended up driving to the pub to avoid suspicion.

How They Asked

It has always been my dream to be proposed to at Disney World. Tom and I are both massive Disney fans so we booked our dream trip for October/November 2018. I’m a massive organizer, so I had a full spreadsheet made up full of plans for the entire trip, but Tom asked if he could have one day with no plans so that he could book a surprise.

When the day finally came around, he disappeared for a few hours in the morning and then came back ready to go on our surprise day out. He told me later that he themed the day around ‘dreams’, and I completely see how!

It began with a horse and carriage ride around one of the neighboring hotels as the sun began to set (A funny anecdote is that I was actually bitten by the horse pulling the carriage when I cuddled him too much!). This was followed by dinner at the one restaurant in Disney World I’ve always dreamed of eating at – Victoria and Albert’s; a super fancy restaurant where they serve around a dozen courses of the most amazing food. The third surprise was that we were actually staying at the Grand Floridian Hotel for the night – my dream hotel to stay in. I actually sobbed at the table so much that the waiter came over to check if I was okay!

After dinner, we went up to the room and it was finally revealed where Tom had disappeared to for all those hours. The entire room was filled with white and gold balloons, roses and tea lights. For some reason, it still hadn’t twigged to me that this could possibly be a proposal! He disappeared for a moment, then returned with something behind his back.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him – we both cried a lot! In the background, my favorite Disney song, ‘Go The Distance’ was playing on the TV at just the right moment. It was truly perfect.

Our engagement photos were actually shot by us the following morning on a tripod. I’m an Instagrammer so I wanted to have some really lovely ones to announce with!

The ring is an almost exact replica of my mother’s engagement ring which has always been my dream ring to have. Tom had it made by the same jeweler in Dubai.

Jordan's Proposal in The Grand Floridian, Walt Disney World