Jordan and Ted

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How We Met

We met sophomore year of high school at a friends pool party. The next week we were set up on an accidental “double date”, which lead to a summer filled with many more.

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how they asked

His proposal was picture perfect & an amazing surprise. Ted scheduled a photo shoot to capture the engagement. I was told it was a family photo shoot that not everyone could make it to. I didn’t think anything of it as we had done family pictures the year prior. Looking back, there were a few things that didn’t seem right. His mom offered to do my hair & he suggested I get my nails done…both were definitely odd! It started to rain as we made our way into a field to take photos. The photographer distracted me by asking me to step forward and pose when I turned around Ted was on one knee.

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The proposal was perfectly us. Thanks to good planning and a great photographer we have the moment captured forever. After the proposal, we had a “birthday dinner” at Dangerfield’s which turned into yet another surprise.

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Ted coordinated a social hour & dinner with both our family’s to share our engagement news. It was the best day of my life!

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