Jordan and Taylor

Jordan and Taylor's Engagement in Havasupai Falls

How We Met

Taylor and I met while in architecture school. We had met a few times at some parties and would see each other around studio over a couple of years but never really got to know one another until two semesters before we graduated – I took a furniture design class which was held in the fabrications lab where Taylor worked as a shop tech. Over the course of the semester I spent a lot of time in the fab lab working on my projects and getting to know Taylor. I even found myself going in to work on my projects when I knew he was working, so I could spend time with him! He would help me any chance he had (even though I never needed it – He won’t believe me to this day!). After a few weeks of talking, Taylor asked me on our first date, and as they say, the rest is history!

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how they asked

Adventure is our thing. We love to travel, hike, camp, all that fun stuff together. A group of friends planned a backpacking trip to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon in late May. Our friend Stuart, who is into photography, was going on the trip so Taylor and let him know his intentions to propose and he graciously agreed to capture the moment for us! In the weeks leading up to the trip, so many hints were given that a proposal was coming – Taylor’s mom had asked me my ring size one night while looking at my favorite ring. When I told her I wasn’t sure my size she printed a ring sizing guide and measured everyone’s ring size just because she “was curious”. I must be super oblivious because I didn’t catch the hint. Taylor also mentioned to me a few times that I should go get my nails done before we went on the trip. I argued that there was no point in getting them done since we would be climbing and getting dirty. I still didn’t have a clue. After a few days of insisting I finally agreed (and I’m so glad I did!).

We hiked 11 miles down to the falls and spent the next three days exploring caves and streams and taking in the awe of the falls. On day two of the trip we had just hiked to the largest of the three waterfalls and were taking pictures and looking for a good spot to hang out for the day. Stuart’s girlfriend hurt her foot on the hike into the canyon and had to get airlifted out that morning so Stuart was with her and couldn’t capture the moment (don’t worry, she is fine now!). Taylor was panicked and had to ask another friend, Victoria, to take pictures at the last minute. I remember while we were taking pictures of the falls Taylor came up to me and said “put your bag down, let’s take a picture together!”

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He gave his phone to Victoria and started nearly running out to the perfect spot he had found while I wasn’t looking. I wanted to take a picture in our bathing suit but he was insistent on us being fully clothed for this picture. He was being so weird, and he seemed super nervous and rushed (not usual for Taylor) so I started getting suspicious. Then Victoria didn’t stop taking pictures even when we stopped posing. Suspicion started rising. Suddenly he got down on one knee, pulled out a ring box, told me I was a great adventure partner and asked me to start this lifelong adventure with him to which I answered with “of course!”

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Apparently the crowd at the waterfall starting cheering when he got down on one knee, but I was in such shock and so excited I completely missed it! For that moment it felt like we were the only two people there. I was so afraid of losing the ring, I had a death grip on it while taking some more pictures and put it in my backpack for save keeping for the remainder of the trip. This place was already completely breathtaking but now it’s completely unforgettable thanks to my amazing fiancé!

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