Jordan and Steve

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How We Met

Steve and I met back in June 2011 at a house party (so romantic) and almost a year and a half later, he told me he knew that day I was something special. Nearly six months later I applied to a job not knowing that it was at the shop he worked at. I worked there for another six months and I was obsessed. Obsessed meaning I talked about him as if we were dating (which we definitely weren’t at the time, or even hanging out) and had saved pictures of him on my phone that I creepily gathered from his Facebook. I jokingly would tell my friends, “Oh yeah, we’re dating, we’re gonna get married.” I finally grew the courage to ask him to a movie (because I knew he wouldn’t ask me since technically he was my boss) and thankfully, he said yes. We fell in love instantly. You always hear people say, “I’ve never felt this way about anyone” but I truly haven’t. He is my best friend, my (now) fiancé and my soul mate. There’s no way our meeting was just coincidence. We were meant to be in each others lives and now four years later, we’re making our forever official.

how they asked

On a random Tuesday, at a random time, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. He said he was able to leave work early that day and get some things done for our new apartment, which included (finally) getting some pictures framed. When I got home from work, he wanted to show them to me. They were all bubble wrapped and stacked on the kitchen counter. I asked why they were bubble wrapped, and he slyly said he got them printed and framed at the store and didn’t want them to break driving home. Each one I opened was a picture of us and our dog, and the last one was a beautiful frame with a hand cut cushion and a ring sitting in the middle of it. Simple, sweet and thoughtful, just like him!

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