Jordan and Seth

How We Met

Seth & I met on graduation day of high school. I dated one of his football friends and he tells me that’s how I caught his eye.. We never talked until after we marched across the stage and got our diplomas. Outside of Tropicana Field I was taking pictures with friends when all of a sudden I was picked up off of my feet and spun around. It was Seth & his pick up line that still rings in my head, “Hey, I’ve got a problem” come to find out that problem was that he didn’t have my number.. That was 6 years ago & now here we are.

How They Asked

I wasn’t certain of when it would happen but he sure did. It was Thanksgiving 2019 and it also happened to be our anniversary. We were all gathered around our tables to say prayer which we always leave to his Uncle James, well this year he passed it over to Seth and that’s when I started to shake. He thanked God for me, our relationship, the food in front of us, and said Amen. Before I could finish saying Amen and open my eyes he had dropped to one knee asking if I would marry him. I cried, and responded “Duh!” and continued to sob, it was truly amazing.


Special Thanks

Lake Louisa State Park
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